Spooky Sonnets

Amidst the abyss of infinity

Within the frozen corridors of space

There lurks a sentience you cannot see

Nor could you trace the contours of it’s face


Peer closely at the shifting nebula

And you may see the shadow of it’s wake

Though take a care not to stare out too far

Into that star-marked celestial lake


Within that incomprehensible maze

It feasts on prey titanic and minute

Do not seek it’s attention nor it’s gaze

Lest this grim predator turn in pursuit


There is no place to hide from it on Earth

As it slouches to Bethlehem for birth


The birds of carrion eat not the dead

The sun rises from different shores each morn

Many complain of whispers in their head

And children once ecstatic are forlorn


The mountains sway and crack like harried wheat

The sly serpents speak forbidden knowledge

The dogs are running rampant in the heat

The unknown rustles darkly in the hedge


The academics laugh and gouge their eyes

The priests defile the font with blasphemous rites

The statesmen no longer bother with lies

The law men faced with crime avert their sights


The world made sense once in the years bygone

The lights which guided forsook this aeon


The flaring sconces burn against the rock

Casting shadows which writhe against flagstone

The key whines menacingly in the lock

Causing the prisoners held there to moan


The Grand Inquisitor unfurls his tools

Jagged rusted knives, pliers, thumbscrews

He acts as a hierophant teaching fools

And asks those slated for torture to choose


His singing echoes all throughout the cave

As a Heavenly counterpoint to screams

Resplendent in his articles of faith

He looms over his victims in their dreams


His cruelty rivals that of those that Fell

He knows that it is better to reign in Hell



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